I found my bigeye style by being true to myself, my authentic self.Michelle Vella


Michelle Vella is an extremely talented Canadian artist who re-invented herself to explore her creative side. After a career in graphic design, Michelle decided to risk everything and put herself out there with the mission of finding her own voice that reflected her true passion: art.

Michelle gained greater and greater exposure on Instagram after she found her distinctive style, “high art caricature,” which is instantly recognizable by big eyes brushed with long eyelashes that extend well beyond the frame of the face.

Finding her style refreshing, she attracted the interest of many interior designers and fashion icons, and was fortunate to paint many celebrities, including Diane von Furstenberg, Emily Ratajkowski, and Iris Apfel. 

Vella has garnered commissions and collaborations with high fashion magazines, fashion designers, and corporate and private collectors. She started to collaborate with Caterina Bidini to create a new line, Bidinis by Michelle Vella. The two of them worked together for two years to perfect the complicated process through which a Bidinis’ handbag is developed.

They decided to launch at the end of 2016 and, on the 30th of December, 2016, the new Bidinis.com, empowered by Michelle Vella, became a reality.

Michelle’s work has been featured in several fashion magazines, and most recently in ELLE CANADA where they named her as one of 5 Canadian Illustrators on their RADAR

Vella’s portrait painting of Iris Apfel accompanied their interview with the NY fashion icon

All the images you find on this website were specifically created by Michelle for Bidinis, her collection or clients

You can learn more about her amazing artistic career on her website and social media, see links belows.