Despite her degree in Law, she always tried to work in the fashion industry, even while she was studying. She started working as an assistant to the general director of Cavalli, under whom she received training in leather, especially in the Italian and France tanneries.

She then progressed to become an external consultant for fashion brands in Turkey, France, Germany, and the U.S before returning to Firenze area

After going back and forth between Italy and the U.S. for seven years and a short parenthesis living in Italy, she decided to relocate again, this time to Sydney.

Caterina started her business trading at Bidinis in Sydney, following the path of E-commerce and social media. She gained a great exposure on Instagram in a short amount of time, and that led to her developing a friendship with the talented Canadian artist Michelle Vella. This post shows the messages they first exchanged 100 weeks ago! The two started to talk about their vision for fashion and art, and the possible projects they both had on their to-do lists. They decided to start experimenting together for fun.

MAY 2016

After the potential of what they were doing had become apparent, Caterina and Michelle met in person in Italy and spent one month there in a process of experimentation on both sides… Bidinis by Michelle Vella was born. Caterina decided to completely change the Bidinis’ line to focus more on art and offer people a way to express themselves even more using fashion. From that point, she invested all her energy in this new project, which is now presented for your viewing. We hope you can feel the passion that went into this work.